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The Cashtown Inn

According to the current Cashtown Inn website, this witness to the events of 1863 was "Built circa 1797. The Cashtown Inn served as the first stagecoach stop west of Gettysburg.

During the Gettysburg campaign of 1863, the Inn served as Confederate headquarters for General A.P. Hill."



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Blogger regina said...

In July, I stayed in Gettysburg to commemorate the battle. On the night of June 30, I went to eat at the Cashtown Inn. It did feel like "stepping back in time" as it was in a very small town and there were quite a few Confederate reenactors camping outside. I was leaving at around dusk and snapped a picture similar to the one you have displayed. Strangely enough, it has swirly images on it--ghosts? I know it is supposed to be haunted, but I tend to be a skeptic. Hard though, since out of 5 rolls of film I took in 5 days, it is the only shot with something "ghostly" on it. I plan to bring it to the Inn to let them see it when I'm back next year on 6/30

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