Sunday, November 12, 2006

Colonel George Willard

A rarely visited marker on the Gettysburg Battlefield noting the location where Colonel George Willard lost his life leading his brigade into the maelstrom wrought by General William Barksdale's Mississippians. The marker reads,

Colonel G L Willard
N.Y. Infantry,
was killed
at this place on the
evening of July 2d, 1863,
while leading in a charge
3d Brig. 3d Div. 2d Corps

His men finally stopped the onrushing Southerners. At the end of the battle, the Division commander, Brigadier General Alexander Hays, would say of Willard's men, "The history of this brigade's operations is written in blood...The loss of this brigade amounts to one-half the casualties in the division."



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